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Expertise and Integrity in Lightning Protection Appraisal and Training.

EXPERTISE (Appraisal)

Our practice will support you following a lightning strike, study the events, confirm or invalidate the causality and then offer advice with regard to any statutory or standards-related analyses and technical studies right through to risk prevention via a probabilistic approach.



The knowledge of risk begins with an awareness of the phenomenon, finding reliable and independent specialists and familiarity with the means of protection. We offer different training modules aimed at all sectors including INB, ICPE (industrial and nuclear plants, public utility services, hospitals and health services, HQE managers, non-specialist research departments and for electrical maintenance managers, insurance and accident prevention people in particular.



Raymond GOIFFON set up what has become one of France’s most respected practices for the analysis and technical study of lightning in 1997. Soon afterwards he was registered on the probative list of legal experts at the Lyon TGI as an assessor. The practice was also created in response to the need for consultancy by one of EDF’s design and engineering subsidiaries. After twenty years experience in the sector he decided to set up a new practice mainly devoted to appraisal and expertise associated with a permanent training center on lightning risk characterized by the total integrity of all those involved, in particular since yhe creation of generous certifications.

What French legislation has to say :
"The lightning risk for Classified Installations covered by the ICPE Authorization scheme must be considered in the light of the July 2011 order relating to lightning protection which replaced those of 1993 and 2008. This statutory instrument requires the compliance of Installations covered by the standard NF EN 62305 which identifies the key principles with regard to protection and prevention measures. It has been supplemented by an official circular reiterating the need for a prior risk assessment and associated technical study detailing the necessary recommendations..

Lastly it confirms the deadline for the removal of all lightning conductor rods with radioactive sources by ASN certified contractors and their replacement, if required, by risk analysis. !

(Photo source Helita)

PLEASE NOTE : Because of his experience and independence in relation to any manufacturer, installer or institution, he can guarantee the project owner and/or public body or industry the most suitable choice of lightning protection practices, certified contractors (Qualifoudre, AFP, SEE, OPQIBI, Qualifelec, etc.) and means of protection and is thus at no time swayed by any commercial interest.


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